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IoT Solutions for Smart Logistics

Optimising fleet operations and performance with smart intelligence

Transport, track and monitor with greater efficiency

Business intelligence is dramatically changing how we optimise performance and also the level of data we expect to collect across operations. When it comes to logistics, real-time visibility of end-to-end operations and performance is driving efficiency improvements across the supply chain to improve outcomes and meet ever increasing customer expectations. Connexin work with transport and logistics organisations to provide IoT network and data services to improve insight and outcomes throughout the supply chain.

Some of the Key Challenges Faced Around Logistics

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Operational EfficienciesInefficiencies can affect all stages of the supply chain, by better monitoring journey data, asset condition, consumption and other data you can improve understanding of your operational efficiencies. This data in turn can provide better insights into different stages of the supply chain to promote proactive responses to existing or potential issues that are identified.
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Loss of IncomeMissed deliveries are costly and are impacted by lots of different things, where that’s asset condition such as machinery breaking or goods arriving in poor condition. Being able to collect mission-critical data across the supply chain enables you to ensure that every step is taken to reduce the likelihood of deliveries failing for whatever reason
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Increasing Customer ExpectationsWe live in an information economy. As consumers, we expect to be able to track deliverys, receive timely updates and make changes to our orders as and when we please. These trends are also filtering into logistics, making it increasingly difficult to meet customer expectations. Putting the right technology in place allows you to futureproof your service and ensure you meet the increasing expectations of your customers

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IoT Solutions for Logistics

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Remote Asset Tracking

Tracking of devices placed on vehicles, pallets, boxes, forklifts and other in-motion assets enable real-time location and status sharing through the entire supply chain.

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Optimising your Fleet

Tracking of vehicle fleets and drivers to optimise utilisation and delivery times, meet regulatory requirements, monitor fuel efficiencies, improve driver safety and gain operational efficiencies.

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Route Optimisation

Map the shortest, least congested or most fuel-efficient routes for delivery vehicles, and avoid restricted areas or geographies, to cut unnecessary driver hours, reduce fuel costs and ensure on-time delivery of goods.

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Condition Monitoring

Condition of goods or machinery & assets to ensure perishable goods and machinery and assets are kept in optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, light), with trigger alerts to identify and solve problems.

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Predictive Maintenance

Maximise the uptime and lifetime of vehicles and other supply chain equipment by monitoring temperature, vibration, wear etc to detect symptoms of asset failure and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

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Warehouse Management

Real-time monitoring of inventory, stock level and condition of goods to proactively lower costs and streamline warehouse operations.

End to End IoT Deployment for Smart Logistics

IoT Sensors, Network of Networks, CityOS Platform, IoT Solutions

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