Hosted Phone System

Work from the office, work from home. Manage your entire business phone system, wherever, whenever.


The Connexin Hosted Phone System (HPS) is a complete cloud solution that provides an extensive range of call functions and features via an easy to use web interface. You can easily configure your phone system according to your business needs, allowing you and your team to manage calls easily and effectively to maximise individual productivity and improve caller experience.

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Our Packages

We offer volume-based discounts as well as support for charities. Come and speak to us.

HPS Flex

250 UK landline mins
250 UK mobile mins

Collaborate app (Unified Communications)

Setup fees apply

12 months contract

HPS Essential

500 UK landline mins
500 UK mobile mins

Polycom VVX150 handset

Setup fees apply

36 months contract


1000 UK landline mins
1000 UK mobile mins

Polycom VVX250 handset

Desktop/Mobile app

Setup fees apply

36 months contract

HPS Ultimate

Unlimited* UK landline mins/
UK mobile mins

Polycom VVX450 handset

Collaborate app (Unified Communications)

Setup fees apply

36 months contract

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Important Info

Free calling minutes are to UK 01, 02, 03 landline numbers and UK mobile numbers. The free handset incentive is available to businesses who sign up to one our Hosted Phone System packages for a minimum contract term of 36-months. Under the free handset incentive one handset (make or model of handset may differ) will be provided free of charge (excluding delivery) per user license on a lease basis. All leased handsets under the free handset incentive will remain the property of Connexin for the duration of the contract and must be returned to Connexin in full working order and in good condition at the end of the contract. Handsets under the free handset incentive are PoE powered and UK power supply units for the handsets are not part of the incentive and are sold separately. Connexin reserves the right to charge full price for handsets delivered under this scheme in the event of invoices not being paid on a timely basis, if the contract is terminated prior to the expiry of the minimum contract term, or if handsets are damaged. All prices shown exclude VAT. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

* Fair usage applies.

Benefits of our Hosted Phone System

Work from

Take your business phone lines with you wherever you go. With Connexin’s Hosted Phone System, you can easily manage calls, video conferences, instant messaging and online meetings anywhere in the world.

Manage from

Connexin’s Hosted Phone System puts you in complete control. Re-direct your callers to a voice menu, setup voicemail to email, listen to your recorded calls and more. All functions and features can be managed securely through an easy-to-use web portal from anywhere in the world.

Low costs to

As well as the inclusive bundled minutes and free calls between all Connexin Hosted Phone System users anywhere in the world, we offer tremendous savings on local calls to UK landline and mobile, as well as international calling to everywhere in the world.

1.5 pence is our typical cost per minute for the majority of local and international destinations outside of the inclusive minutes.

Amazing call quality

Leveraging the power of the Internet and our business-grade hosted telephony platform to deliver exceptional quality of service. Make calls over the internet wherever you are, with crystal clear audio.

Bursting with Features

Inclusive call features for each Hosted Phone System user

Auto Attendant
Provide callers with menu options and direct them to the right person

Call Transfer
Transfer calls between internal and external numbers

Call Parking
Hold a call ad pick it up from another phone

Call Pickup
Answer a ringing phone from any phone in the office

Call Waiting
Getting you ready to answer the next call

Call Barring
Bar any unapproved call types

Call Forwarding
Forward incoming calls effectively to any desirable locations

CLI Flexibility
Present any number you have permission to call

Hunt Groups
Easily distribute and allocate calls across your team

Instant Group Call
Enable team working from anywhere

Music on Hold
Play your favourite tune or a personalised message to your customers when they are on hold

Voicemail to Email
Playback any voicemail messages and share with your team

Numbering & Porting

Bring your existing numbers to us or just get some brand new numbers from us.

Number Porting

With Connexin, you can port your existing telephone numbers into our platform to be used with your new Hosted Phone System. We have porting agreements with all major telecoms providers in the UK so most standard number porting will not be an issue. Your numbers will stay with you and when you decide to move on from us (hopefully not), you can port out the numbers to your new providers. We can port:

  • geographical numbers
  • non-geographical numbers
  • single numbers or multi-line numbers

Charges apply for both port in and port out numbers. Come and speak to us about your porting requirements.


If you have just setup a new business and looking for new numbers, or you are a long running business that just want some new numbers, we can take care of that for you straight away. We have thousands of numbers, from different area codes, countries and non-geographic specific to choose from and we can get the numbers setup with just few clicks of a button. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you can also choose from a wide selection of memorable numbers.

  • UK geographical numbers
  • UK non-geographical numbers
  • international numbers
  • gold and platinum numbers

Charges apply for new numbers. Come and speak to us about your numbering requirements.

Personalise your Hosted Phone System

Get even more out of your Hosted Phone System

Collaborate App

The demand for staying connected with customers and colleagues is greater than ever before. Being able to work from anywhere while able to respond to customers quickly can be challenging. With HPS Collaborate, you can do all of that plus more. HPS Collaborate is a desktop/mobile app that helps increase productivity, improve collaborative team working and accelerate business decision making.

Video Calling
Nothing better than putting a face to a name. You can video call via the HPS Collaborate desktop and mobile App.

Voice Calling
As well as video calling, you can also make and receive calls from/to anywhere. It acts as an extension to your desk phone.

Instant Messaging
It does exactly what it says on the tin. You can instant message with your colleagues anywhere anytime.

Online Meeting
With the HPS Collaborate App, you can host online meetings with screen sharing even with people who don’t have the App.

On the HPS Collaborate App, you can specify personal status that helps define the best way to collaborate with colleagues.

Any Device, Anywhere
You can use the HPS Collaborate App via Windows, MAC, Android and IOS, no matter where you are.


A powerful bolt-on that enables your Hosted Phone System to be integrated with your CRM software.

Features include:

  • Call Preview
  • Click to Dial
  • Desktop Control

Call Queue

Call Queue helps you present a professional image to your customers by managing incoming calls effectively and delivering them to different groups, as soon as users become available.

Features include:

  • Customised Messaging
  • User Breakout
  • Queue up to 25 calls
  • Simultaneous Hunt Group

Call Centre

Call centre bolt-on enables businesses to easily manage their call centre environments, boost productivity of call centre agents and the overall efficiency of their call centre and help them deliver a first-rate service to their customers.

Features include:

  • Intelligent Call Distribution
  • Quality Caller Experience
  • Quick Escalations
  • Gain Valuable Insight


An extension to the HPS call statistics, our Management Reporting bolt-on allows your call statistics to be presented in real-time on a wallboard to help businesses understand their calls better.

Features include:

  • Real-Time Stats
  • Accessible From Any Internet-Enabled Device
  • Cradle-to-Grave Reporting
  • Track After-Hours Calls
  • Abandoned Call Recovery
  • Activity and Extension Activity Monitoring


Easily add in call recording bolt-on to start recording inbound and outbound calls for audit trails, compliance or training purposes. You can quickly listen to the recorded calls on the go via the HPS user portal.

Features include:

  • Real-Time Recording
  • On-Demand Start and Pause Recording
  • Company-Wide or User Based Recording
  • Different Storage Retention Period Available

The HPS Handsets

It’s more than just a handset on a desk

Polycom VVX150

Enterprise grade sound quality.
Simple and reliable.

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Polycom VVX250

HD sound quality with Polycom Acoustic™

Find out more >

VVX 450

Size does

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Need something a bit more bespoke?

We put together bespoke systems for customers who need a solution designed around them and their needs. Whether that’s a call centre, an all-in-one communications platform, or even a system designed around remote working, we work with you to get the right solution for you and your team.

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