Connexin to launch UK's first IoT network nationwide


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IoT and Smart City operator to expand LoRaWAN connectivity across the UK to support the development of national smart networks, a first of its kind.

Leading Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City operator Connexin has today announced that it will expand its IoT network nationwide, providing carrier-grade roaming long range wide area networks (LoRaWAN®) connectivity and infrastructure to customers all over the UK for the first time.

The new national low cost wide area network rollout led by Connexin is a strategic investment aimed at supporting the increasing demand for smart networks throughout the UK. The universal connectivity will lower the barriers to entry and better enable every type of organisation across the UK to adopt IoT solutions to provide data insights that will address future challenges, promote a better quality of life, and create environmental improvements for all.

What is IoT?

IoT describes a network of devices or “things” embedded with sensors, actuators, and software that share data with each other and the cloud. There are an estimated 10 billion IoT devices in operation today, a number expected to reach 22 billion by 2025.

“With a low cost wide area networking solution becoming available to all organisations across the UK, it opens up opportunities for those looking to deploy IoT solutions for a fraction of the cost of existing cellular infrastructure solutions,” said Furqan Alamgir, Co-Founder & CEO of Connexin. “Not only does this promote the development of new IoT-based technology but it allows existing solutions to be rolled out nationwide to encourage further adoption and will allow more people to utilise and benefit from affordable, carrier-grade IoT connectivity.” Following award-winning regional deployments, Connexin raised £80 million in funding in September to become the leader in smart infrastructure and end-to-end IoT deployment in the UK.

Connexin currently has regional LoRaWAN networks in place in East and South Yorkshire following deployments in Sheffield with Amey and Yorkshire Water, Hull with Hull City Council, and the South Coast with Icosa Water.

Connexin leads IoT expansion

The expansion of the national IoT network to cover other areas of the UK is now underway, further cementing Connexin’s position as the leading provider of densely populated low-powered metropolitan networks and demonstrating the importance of having carrier-grade IoT infrastructure nationwide to support new technologies and innovation across UK industry.

“Connexin is committed to changing the status quo in a previously stagnant smart city and IoT market. This announcement builds on our successes to date and will make available high quality LPWAN infrastructure to all,” said Furqan Alamgir, Founder & CEO of Connexin.

“Regionally, we have seen our network used by a variety of sectors and individuals, from entrepreneurs and innovation centres to the utility, private, and public sectors, and have seen continued success with the likes of Amey in Sheffield and Yorkshire Water. These results have demonstrated the effectiveness of low-powered networks across multiple use cases and we’re excited to be providing carrier-grade networks now across the entire UK.”

LoRaWAN leading IoT network technology

Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance® said: “I would like to congratulate Connexin on the milestone of rolling out a nationwide LoRaWAN network in the UK as a result of numerous successful projects and use case demonstrations. This is a significant achievement for IoT in the UK that will open up tremendous business opportunity and deliver new service offerings that will improve the lives of customers in this market. As the leading IoT network technology, LoRaWAN has the most networks deployed and is the global de facto LPWAN standard. Connexin’s growth is a great example of how LoRaWAN users are able to achieve business success.”

Connexin has already achieved many groundbreaking achievements in a short time frame, winning Smart City Deployment of the Year for our smartest street project in Newcastle in 2018. We went on to deliver the UK’s first purpose-built Smart City Operating System for Hull City Council and this year we helped Amey implement Connexin’s CityOS platform to improve highway maintenance services across Sheffield, projects which all involved extremely successful regional network deployments.

About Connexin

Founded in Hull in 2006, we are an innovative and disruptive technology company specialising in building and operating award-winning Smart City infrastructure to support the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have established ourselves as a market leader in the provision of end-to-end IoT Smart City solutions, such as Smart Water, Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, and Smart Waste.

Hull became the first city in the UK to benefit from its own purpose-built Smart City Operating System thanks to Connexin.

This year, Connexin gave Sheffield a smart technology overhaul, using the CityOS platform to integrate, view, manage, and respond to information to improve highway maintenance services and revolutionise service delivery across the city and surrounding areas.

Connexin in partnership with Cisco and Newcastle City Council has helped deliver the UK’s smartest street, which was announced at the Great Exhibition of the North.

Connexin was named one of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies in the Northern Tech Awards.

Connexin were also named in BusinessCloud’s Yorkshire & Humberside’s Tech 50 in November this year.

Connexin recently hosted its annual Connexin Live event at the Bonus Arena in Hull.

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LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN® are marks used under license from the LoRa Alliance.