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Addition of New Female Engineers Shows Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering


Connexin is proud to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2023 by welcoming three impressive female engineers to our team. This development highlights our commitment to gender diversity, equal opportunities, and a supportive environment for women in engineering.

The new additions will bring fresh perspectives, innovation, and valuable expertise to Connexin, enriching our workforce and promoting inclusivity in the engineering industry.

Among the trio of new engineers, one talented individual brings a wealth of experience, having spent three years within telecommunications – her industry knowledge is set to make valuable contributions to Connexin’s ongoing success.

And following their successful completion of Connexin Academy’s Advanced Fibre Training Bootcamp, we are thrilled to welcome two highly promising trainee female engineers.

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These determined young women are on a path to becoming fully qualified engineers within just 12 months, thanks to an intensive internal traineeship programme. As part of their engineering training, they will also pursue accredited qualifications, solidifying their skills and paving the way for an exciting career in the field.

With these recent additions, women now comprise 9.75% of Connexin’s engineering department, a notable step toward achieving gender balance. They also account for an impressive 17.07% of the field engineering team, exemplifying our dedication to increasing the representation of women in traditionally male-dominated sectors.

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Lisa Greeves, Head of Engineering Operations at Connexin, expressed the company’s commitment to establishing a workforce that encompasses a wide range of backgrounds and promoting equal chances for everyone. “The industry offers many opportunities, including installing, networking, planning, infrastructure, and operational management,” she said.

If you are an aspiring engineer eager to join the ranks of these talented professionals and embark on Connexin’s mission to “connect the real world with the digital world to improve lives,” now is the perfect opportunity. We are actively seeking talented individuals to join the Connexin team.”

To explore available positions with us, visit jobs.connexin.co.uk and take the first step toward an exciting engineering career at the forefront of technological innovation.