Top 5 In-Demand Careers for 2024: Insights from Connexin Academy


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The UK job market is experiencing a significant skills shortage, according to HAYS more than 90% of employers are grappling with the issue. With more than 75% of businesses intending to hire this year, filling vacancies could prove to be a significant challenge. However, amidst these challenges, there are lots of opportunities for professionals considering a career change. Whether you're actively seeking new opportunities or just curious about the current job market, we’ve looked at which roles are in high demand this year.

Cyber Security

In recent years, there's been a sharp rise in demand for skilled professionals in this field, driven by the increasing frequency of cyber threats. Companies are waking up to the importance of safeguarding their valuable data against cybercriminals. Working within cyber security you play a crucial role in ensuring the security of a company's network and data.

Responsibilities may include conducting penetration tests, identifying system vulnerabilities, implementing security measures, and keeping a vigilant eye on systems for any signs of compromise. Once qualified there is a range of jobs within cyber security, across all sectors that employ technology, including security architect, cyber security engineer and security analyst.


In an uncertain economic environment, the need for reliable financial guidance and analysis remains high, making accounting a profession with plenty of opportunities for recent graduates. Starting your career in accountancy successfully involves more than just ensuring accurate balance sheets and credible forecasts; it also requires establishing strong relationships with key stakeholders and gaining a comprehensive understanding of business challenges.

Newly certified accountants benefit from a wide array of career paths, including roles in forensic accounting, payroll management, bookkeeping, budget analysis, and tax advisory services. If you're aiming to launch a career in accounting, an AAT qualification is an excellent starting point.

Credit Controller

Leading on from the demand for accountancy specialists the role of a credit controller has become a highly sought-after position in 2024. Credit controllers are primarily accountable for managing a companies accounts receivable, employing rigorous procedures to protect the financial stability of the company, foster sustainable expansion, and regulate capital access. Consequently, credit control remains essential for a business's financial health, and the ongoing economic unpredictability ensures a continued need for expertise in this field.

Procurement and Supply Chain

In the past year, there’s been a notable increase in the demand for procurement and supply chain specialists, especially supplier relationship managers. This is largely due to shortages of qualified candidates. The role of a supplier relationship manager has gained significant importance as companies prioritise global expansion, aiding in the scaling of businesses, ensuring profitability, and enhancing operational efficiency.

One of the key qualifications for starting a career in procurement and supply is the Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply (CIPS) qualifications. CIPS stands as the largest professional organisation globally dedicated to procurement and supply, providing internationally recognised qualifications that can be completed while working. CIPS-accredited diplomas are available at various levels, with the highest attainment being the MCIPS membership qualification.

Software Developers

Software developers and programmers remain highly sought-after positions in the UK as of 2024, and it's expected to stay this way for the foreseeable future. Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Some develop applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks. Software developers require specialised skills and knowledge to do their job, and education and training are key to understanding how software applications work. There are various options to consider when looking for a career in software development, including a software development technician apprenticeship. Once qualified, becoming a software developer offers ample opportunity for career growth.

Whether you’re looking to start or change your career, or advance in your current career, Connexin Academy offer a range of courses and accreditations (including those discussed in this blog) to help you on that path.

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