National Careers Week 2024: Connexin Careers Spotlight

Victoria Dearing on March 08, 2024

Spotlight Katie

Katie, 22-year-old Head of Content for Connexin, has had an inspiring career in just a few short years. Joining the company at only 16 on a Digital Marketing apprenticeship, Katie has been instrumental in Connexin’s growth (and most importantly, Connexin’s brand!).

Like many of us, Katie found traditional, desk-based learning during her school days uninspiring, and University didn’t align with her aspirations. Thriving in creative subjects like Art and Design & Technology, it was clear a more practical approach would be better suited for her – which is why she looked at apprenticeships. The thought of hands-on learning, being creative and getting into the world of work was right up her street!

"I personally felt like an apprenticeship was the right way to go because I enjoyed on-the-spot learning, wanted to earn money young, but I also wanted to be able to have time away to train and learn different skills at the same time as getting into the world of work," shared Katie.

Proactively reaching out to businesses even before receiving her GCSE results, Katie secured an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at Connexin. Throughout her Level 3 course, she dived into topics like Google Analytics, social media marketing and coding principles, before formally taking on the role of Digital Marketer.

“I utilised all the skills that I learnt on my apprenticeship within the business and was able to apply them to real world scenarios. I still apply things now that I learnt in my apprenticeship into my day to day and think I forever will.”

Completing her apprenticeship with a distinction in 2020, Katie moved into the role of Marketing and Customer Engagement Manager, implementing growth strategies and impactful marketing campaigns for the company.

In early 2022, following the launch of Connexin’s very own fibre network, Katie assumed the position of Fibre Product Lead focusing on brand management and creative content. This journey included a strategic move, with Connexin becoming the main shirt sponsor for Hull KR during the fibre network build in East Hull.

Hull KR

Inspired by her recent success, and moving into the Head of Brand role at Connexin, Katie set her sights on another ambitious venture – the sponsorship and rebrand of the biggest music and entertainment venue in Hull, now known as ‘Connexin Live’.

Connexin Live Day

Her achievements culminated in receiving the prestigious Top 30 Under 30 Award at only 20, leading to her inclusion in the LEAP program for leadership and management development.

Today, Katie proudly serves at Connexin’s Head of Content, overseeing the creative domain and leading the graphics team. Her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of apprenticeships and continuous personal growth within a dynamic professional landscape.

When asked about career advice she would give to those interested in the industry, Katie said, “I’ve always been told if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room and tech is a great example of that. You need to be around the people that understand what you don’t and are able to teach and train you.”

If you’re interested in how an apprenticeship can kick start your career or advance you further in your current path, get in touch with our Connexin Academy team [email protected].