Inspiring Leadership: Bryony's Apprenticeship Success Story

Victoria Dearing on May 03, 2024

As the Head of Marketing for a not-for-profit organisation, Bryony leads a team of marketing professionals, overseeing internal and external marketing communications to over 130 UK and international stakeholder groups. So, when the opportunity arose to do an Apprenticeship in leadership and management with Connexin Academy, Bryony was interested to find out how it could help her develop both professionally and personally.

Bryony was drawn to the structured apprenticeship programme because it offered modules that she could directly translate into her role. The practical learning made it easy for her to turn theory into practice, quickly implementing what she learned; whilst benefiting her employers by rapidly becoming more efficient in her role.

Throughout the program, Bryony found numerous opportunities to apply newfound knowledge directly to her role. Some of these include:

Project management - Utilising what she had learnt in this module Bryony managed a national communication campaign, thoughtfully allowing her to work through the initiation, planning, execution, and evaluation phases in a structured way.

Change management - Bryony managed the design and launch of a new corporate website. The change management module allowed her to learn more about what change models to use, how to manage the change, and how to make sure the change sticks and is sustainable. Allowing her to apply this to the launch and design of the new website.

Operational planning - In this module Bryony created a comprehensive sales and marketing plan to drive ticket sales for a big annual event; planning resources, structuring the cross-team management and implementing contingency planning, showcasing her proficiency in operational planning and execution.

Beyond project-specific tasks, the apprenticeship provided invaluable insights into Bryony’s leadership and management styles. By understanding her natural tendencies Bryony learnt how to adapt them to different situations.

The apprenticeship also delved into management and coaching techniques, enhancing Bryony’s ability to nurture talent within her team.

Bryony also learnt invaluable skills like time management, creative decision making and problem solving, and many other soft skills to make her more confident and effective in her role.

Reflecting on her journey, Bryony said,

“I consider that my Apprenticeship with Connexin Academy has been really worth while; it’s taught me new approaches, allowed me to structure my work in a fresh way and has taught me more about myself. It was a lot of work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would encourage others to consider taking one too”.

Bryony recently achieved a significant milestone in her professional development journey by completing the prestigious CMI Level 5 Management and Leadership Apprenticeship with flying colours, earning herself a well-deserved distinction. This accomplishment stands as a testament to her dedication and hard work. Serving as an inspiration to aspiring leaders and emphasising the importance of continual learning and development, both personally and professionally.

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