Connexin to lead ground-breaking workshop around independent living for vulnerable people at NWL Innovation Festival.

Jaydine Foley on June 07, 2024

Northumbrian Water Festival 2024 event flyer

Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival is bringing together thousands of professionals from various industries to tackle real-world challenges. This year, Connexin are hosting a free workshop to address the obstacles vulnerable people face when living independently, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Imagine a world where vulnerable individuals can maintain independence in their homes for longer, a world where their loved ones and caregivers can rest assured, knowing they’ll be promptly alerted to any changes in routine.

We aim to make this a reality with the help of IoT experts, data scientists, and those with first-hand caregiving experience. Professionally facilitated by innovation experts, our brainstorming sessions will push the boundaries of what’s possible and explore a range of solutions to enhance quality of life for all. No idea is too big or small, no suggestion is too out there.

On the final day, we will focus on the core features needed to turn this innovation workshop into a reality, transforming independent living and the lives of millions, together.

Join us for free at Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival in Newcastle from 8th to 11th July.

Register for free here.

The Facts

Over 1 million older people go over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour, or family member. How do we ensure they are safe? (Age UK, 2022)

There are currently 944,000 dementia patients in the UK, supported by over 700,000 unpaid carers. (NHS)

The UK has 16 million disabled people in the UK and 45% of pension-aged adults are disabled. How can we support them? (Department for Work and Pensions)

Our participation in the Innovation Festival follows our success at Connected North in April, where we connected with regional innovators, government experts, and connectivity providers in our joint mission to enhance connectivity across the north.

At Connected North, our IoT team delivered a keynote speech highlighting our impactful case studies with partners since 2018.

Key Projects

Smart Street Project
One of our early projects involved supporting Newcastle City Council's ‘Smart Street’ initiative, leading to various IoT projects with local authorities across the UK.

Hull City Council Partnership
Locally, we partnered with Hull City Council to position Hull as a leader in smart city technology. This collaboration improved data-sharing and decision-making, enhancing services from traffic management to health and social care.

Other IoT Solutions

Safecility: Implemented smart lighting sensor technology at Barcud Housing, achieving 61.67% cost savings by digitising emergency lighting compliance.

Daizy: Deployed smart sensors to monitor damp and black mould, allowing proactive maintenance and regulatory compliance for landlords.

Lucy Zodian: Implemented Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s Smart Street Lighting Project significantly reducing the council’s street lighting carbon emissions, energy, and maintenance costs. It was estimated in the first year alone there was a 65% reduction in street lighting power consumption, saving around £2 million in energy costs.

Since 2018, we've worked with various companies and local authorities to address their challenges, consistently asking how to make cities smarter and how to leverage data for better decision-making. Now, we're looking at how technology can positively impact vulnerable individuals, giving them the control and freedom they deserve while ensuring their safety.

Join Us

Are you a carer or have insights on caring for vulnerable people at home? Are you a data scientist or IoT expert? Do you work in the NHS, care sector, or utilities sector?

Join us at NWL’s Innovation Festival from 8th to 11th July and help us improve one million lives in just four days.

Register for free here.