Top 5 reasons to gain an AAT Accountancy Qualification

Victoria Dearing on March 19, 2024

ATT Accountancy Qualification

In today's uncertain economic climate, the demand for reliable financial guidance is higher than ever. That's where an AAT qualification comes in. Whether you're aiming to progress in your current role or kickstart a career in accounting, we’ve taken a look at why an AAT qualification could be the perfect route for you or your team.

1. Progression and Career Opportunities

The AAT qualification provides a solid foundation for diving deeper into accounting and finance. It's a starting point that can lead you towards more advanced qualifications like ACCA or CIMA and open up opportunities for more challenging roles and increased pay. Plus, it's not just accounting firms that appreciate the AAT - employers in many different industries recognise its value. So, once you’ve completed your qualification, you'll have a whole bunch of career paths to explore.

2. Earning Potential

Holding an AAT qualification can lead to higher earning potential. Qualified accounting professionals typically command competitive salaries due to their specialised skills and expertise. In a recent AAT Salary Survey- 83% of members who completed an AAT accounting qualification agreed it has increased their earning potential.

3. Industry-Relevant Skills

With an AAT qualification, you'll gain comprehensive practical training skills directly related to accounting, like bookkeeping, budgeting, financial reporting, and taxation. And the best part? These skills are super versatile and useful across various industries.

4. Professional Qualification

Completing an AAT qualification allows you to earn an internationally respected professional qualification in accounting, unlocking doors to job opportunities not only in your home country but also abroad. This global recognition allows for greater mobility and the possibility of working in

different countries and cultures. A good entry-level qualification to complete is a Level 2, which is accessible with qualifications many of us already have, and from there you can progress through to a Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting.

5. Funded qualifications

One big advantage of the AAT Qualification is its affordability. While the traditional path of studying a degree to become an accountant often comes with hefty student debt, with AAT there is the option of an Apprenticeship or Advanced Learner Loans. both come without facing overwhelming financial burdens. With an Apprenticeship, there is no cost involved for you as the learner, and with an Advanced Learner Loan you don't start making repayments until you earn over £2274 a month, and even then, your repayment is only 9% of any income over £25,725.

This puts you in a better financial position compared to your university graduate counterparts.

Connexin Academy provides Level 2, 3, and 4 Accountancy programmes, each instructed by seasoned industry professionals. Our courses offer the ideal foundation, whether you're embarking on your accounting journey or aiming to progress in your career. An AAT Accountancy qualification could be precisely what you or your team need to achieve your professional goals.

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