What is Connexin Cares?

Our Charities

Abbie’s Fund

Abbie’s Fund is a local charity providing memory boxes to the parents of stillborn and neonatal death babies, at Hull Royal Infirmary’s Women and Children’s Hospital.

Donated:           £11,293.62

Hessle Road Network

Hessle Road Network is a community-led organisation that was formed to enable local residents to actively participate in regeneration issues in their area – particularly those addressing the needs of young people.

Donated:           £7,774.62

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind is affiliated to the Mind network delivering services, campaigning and giving a voice to people with mental health problems, their families, carers and community.

Promo Code:   CXN-HEYMIND
Donated:           £8,434.62

Overseas Plastic Surgery Appeal

The Overseas Plastic Surgery Appeal is an international children’s charity dedicated to undertaking reconstructive surgical procedures mainly cleft lip and palate, on babies, young children and some adults in developing countries that have limited resources.

Promo Code:   CXN-OPSA
Donated:           £5,255.43

PATT Foundation

Plant A Tree Today (PATT) attempts to raise environmental awareness and foster better practices in less developed nations around the world, planting trees as a means to combat deforestation and climate change.

Promo Code:   CXN-PATT
Donated:           £5,262.80

Unity In Community

A North Hull charity and community centre helping local people with employment support, a weekly food bank and other funded projects designed to benefit the community. Unity in Community has been supporting the HU6 area for 25 years.

Promo Code:   CXN-UNITY
Donated:           £5,255.43

Hull Women’s Aid

Hull Women’s Aid is a non-profit organisation that provides support, advocacy, and refuge services to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse and violence.

Donated:           £5,260.43

Your charity here…

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

Princess Diana

Our Ambassador

Luke Campbell MBE, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, an all round great guy. Born and bred in Hull. Luke is not just a champion in the ring, but he is also a champion when it comes to supporting the city that he loves.

We are working closely with Luke to make a real positive difference in Hull.

How it works

It’s pretty simple! If you’re a local and registered charity, you can join the Connexin Cares scheme.

1. Click the button below to fill in the application form, our team will reach out to hear a bit more about the charity.

2. We’ll give your charity its own unique promo code for people to use.

3. Every time someone signs up for our broadband using your code, we’ll donate upto £20!

Why this matters to us

At Connexin, we’re a passionate bunch. We’re passionate about culture, the environment, charity, our families, our staff and our customers – but most importantly, we are passionate about Hull. No matter what business venture we are on, we have always vowed to give back to our city, the community, and the people in it.

It’s part of our Culture Code. It’s part of our DNA.

Want to join us?

You can join the Connexin Cares scheme by filling in the form below. A member of our team will be in touch to organise onboarding your charity.