Connexin has acquired Wisper Broadband

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(Hint: There are exciting things coming your way… πŸ˜‰ )

The Announcement…

Michael Foley, Managing Director at Wisper Broadband said:

β€œWisper Broadband and Connexin have worked very closely together over the last 10 years and always had a similar objective – to give the city an increased choice in broadband providers.

As technology has progressed, we have seen a significant increase in the requirement for full fibre and a fairer marketplace within Hull, as such we are extremely excited to join forces with Connexin at such a key time in their Fibre rollout and am confident that over the coming months Connexin will bring the next generation of full fibre to the people of Hull, watch this space…”

Are you an existing Wisper customer?

Welcome to Connexin

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Connexin purchased Wisper Broadband?

We’ve been offering fast, reliable broadband to thousands of customers across Hull since 2012 – many of which are Wireless customers being served by our own network in the city. We have been working with Wisper for a number of years, and are passionate about great customer experience and will give customers the same quality of service they expect and deserve.

Last year, we announced that we are building our own Fibre network in Hull and taking on the city’s broadband monopoly. Through the acquisition, we’ll be able to offer Wisper’s existing customer base our best-in-class fibre packages to take their broadband experience to the next level.

Will I move to Fibre?

Wisper customers are free to upgrade or change to a Connexin Fibre package, in this instance, any remaining contract term on their existing Wisper tariff will be waived.

When Connexin Fibre is built and made available in your area, all Wisper customers will be offered the opportunity to switch to our Fibre. As a result of the acquisition, you’ll be eligible for exclusive packages and special offers as a thank you for your continued loyalty to Wisper over the years.

What happens to my broadband connection?

Wisper customers will see no immediate changes or interruption to their broadband services. The connection will continue to use the same equipment and you should see no change in performance or speed.

Will my bill change?

Your pricing and package won’t change unless you request it by upgrading or changing tariff. How and when you pay your bill will also remain the exactly the same.

How can I get support?

The Wisper phone line will still be available at 01482 36 36 38, you’ll speak to the same great team with the added support of our Connexin Customer Care staff – meaning less queues and wait time.

Great news! You can now also benefit from Connexin’s live chat system. To send us a message, click the red chat button at

Will I need a new router?

Your existing router will continue to operate as normal.

What happens to my Wisper equipment?

If you’re a purchase customer, you will still continue to own and use your equipment. It’s yours to keep.

If you’re a rental customer, you’ll continue to rent your equipment in the original agreement with no changes. If you upgrade to a fibre package, your equipment will be collected once your connection is switched over. Instead, it’ll be replaced with one of our next generation routers – a fantastic benefit all of our fibre customers get as standard.