Smart parking

Manage parking resources more efficiently to improve the quality of life for citizens.

Intelligent parking management

Parking in urban areas is a constant struggle. Our solution provides intelligent parking services through public Wi-Fi, video cameras, video analytics, and sensor-enabled parking management. We are here to reduce traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for citizens. In addition, to build a more effective partnership between cities, citizens, local businesses, and parking-enforcement agencies.

Understand usage in real-time

Maximise parking revenues

Increase customer satisfaction

Optimise future investments

Did you know?

Around 30% of traffic in city centres are road users looking for parking spaces!
Imagine the congestion and the pollution that it creates. We are here to help.

The Solution

Our Smart Parking solution offers on-street and off-road parking management. We have a few ways of monitoring available parking spaces, they are either in-ground sensors or camera-based solutions. In-ground sensors have over 10 years of battery life and are connected via our powerful LoRaWAN network. All data is brought back into Connexin CityOS where city operators or parking enforcement agencies can remotely monitor and manage usage, availability, and violation notices.


With analytics, parking agencies learn how parking spaces are used, so they can optimise parking slots throughout the city.

Citizen Engagement

Real-time parking information in mobile apps help motorists find parking faster, lowering stress, fuel costs and in turn, reducing congestion and pollution.


Parking occupancy, revenue, and enforcement reports provide detailed information that helps city planners make better planning decisions.

Live Stream

With our camera-based solution, you can view a live stream of parking and no-parking zones. Automatically detects and reports parking violations in no-parking and loading zones.


Integrates with enforcement applications and pushes the violation notices through to the concerned authorities.

Artificial Intelligence

Provides parking predictions and fee recommendations and automatically adjusts parking fees, based on AI.

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How does it work?

For cities

Offering easy-to-find and quick-to-access parking spaces in busy urban areas can be a headache for cities and private parking operators. The Connexin Smart Parking solution provides visibility over parking rotation in real-time which not only prevents backlogs and congestion but optimises the work of parking wardens.

For citizens

Our goal is to create the ability to find, reserve and be directed straight to an available parking space for any motorist. By adopting Smart Parking, motorists will know exactly where they need to go, reducing stress, fuel costs and valuable time. The end result of this is that air quality is improved, congestion is lowered, traffic accidents are reduced and ultimately improving the quality of life for everyone.