Smart lighting

Reduce your carbon footprint, while creating a safer community for citizens. 

Empowering smart


Street lights are essential for cities. How can we create safer spaces for citizens, while being energy efficient and keeping the environment clean and liveable? With our smart lighting solution, cities can save energy, cut CO2 emissions, limit light pollution and lower operations and maintenance costs, all while keeping citizens feeling safe and satisfied. Lighting takes credit for:

of global electricity consumption

of citie’s utility bill

annual energy bill in Europe

The Solution

The smart lighting solution helps you manage street lighting to reduce energy and maintenance costs through a single management dashboard, Connexin CityOS. The solution includes energy efficient lights (LED or equivalent) with wireless controllers to allow for remotely manageable street lights that are automated based on events.

Remote Management

Remotely manage individual street lights. Switch on, off and dim the lights with a click of a button.


Automatic switch on, off and dimming based on policies set and scenarios or events happening in the city.

Active Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of power consumption such as voltage, current and fluctuation.

Secured Detection

Automatic lights switch on based on motion detection for security purposes.

Faults Detection

Proactive monitoring and failure detection of LED bulbs and auto-generation of maintenance alarms.

Artificial Intelligence

Provide recommendation for switching lights on and off based on new and historical data and insights.

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How does it work?

For cities

Smart lighting can help cities to realise cost savings on energy, operations and maintenance, while at the same time help to create a more attractive and safer environment. It allows city operators to remotely monitor, manage and control each street light using the Connexin CityOS platform.

For citizens

Walking home alone at late night can be a daunting task and a concerning one for all parents across the world. By adopting smart lighting, street lights will automatically switch on based on timing and events, such as motion and movement by citizens. Faulty street lights will automatically be flagged up by our CityOS platform which then prompts the city operators to drive for prompt corrective actions.