Keeping your cities safe

Helping protect cities and citizens against crime.

Intelligent safety and
security management


Keeping cities and citizens safe is critical. Safe cities attract the investments, businesses, and skilled labour necessary for economic growth and development. Our solution helps protect cities against crime, terrorism, and civil unrest, enabling government agencies to respond to emergencies and safeguard citizens. In 2018 there were:

public order offences recorded,
an increase of 30%

robbery offences recorded,
an increase of 22%

fraud offences recorded,
an increase of 12%

The Solution

The Connexin Smart Safety and Security solution utilises smart CCTV cameras and AI software to enable all stages of the public safety and security process, including detection, assessment, and response. The solution enables real-time crime mapping by using graphing tools, an interagency collaboration by embedding standard law enforcement workflows and automated video surveillance using video analytics.

Location Monitoring

A single dashboard displaying live video stream from any surveillance camera around the city and presents live conditions on a map.

Incident Detection

Possible threats, safety and security incidents identified will be displayed on the dashboard. Incident records will be automatically generated and tracked until incidents are resolved.

Object Detection

Through object recognition, the authorities will be alerted immediately, in the event of any unidentified objects being found.

Analytics, Reporting & Administration

The solution helps city authorities visualise crime trends to predict crimes and proactively identify issues.

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For cities

Utilise technology to enable proactive and informed policing. Analyse crime and incident trends using predictive analytics to enable more effective operations and safer streets.

For citizens

With remote monitoring and faster response to potential threats and crimes, we make cities safer for citizens to live in.