Connexin bring 3D modelling to life with Tranby School

Connexin have donated a 3D printer to Tranby School in Anlaby, Hull to support children with their digital learning. The 3D printer offers an opportunity for the school to explore innovative ways of teaching, stimulating pupil interest and enriching the curriculum.

Aligning with Connexin’s mission to “Simplify technology to connect the real world with the digital world to improve the way we live”. The printer will also allow pupils to understand the application and potential of this new type of technology, helping to prepare them for a world in which similar technologies will be increasingly more popular.

Design and Technology Teacher Mr Chambers said “Thanks to Connexin for this investment in building the 3D printing capabilities at Tranby school. Pupils will now be able to print both models and components for their design work, helping them to be problem solvers and engineers of the future”

Connexin CTO and former pupil of Tranby,  Will Kebbell is keen to give back to the school. Will Kebbell said “As a former pupil, I have gained so much from the school myself and we wanted to show our support. It’s been great working with the teachers and the design and technology department. The school is very innovative and is keen to lead the way forward in education using next generation technology.”