IoT Solutions for
Smart Health

Driving proactive care to improve health and wellbeing in your community with Connexin IoT solutions

Reduce costs and improve the quality of care with the power of data 

The demands on Healthcare organisations are ever increasing and the need for solutions to reduce costs and improve the quality of care is growing by the day. Through strategic partnerships with healthcare organisations Connexin put in place IoT solutions that support early detection and prevention, starting in the home and reducing the strain on physical services.

Some of the Key Challenges Faced Around Health Care

Reactive Care & Intervention

Traditionally, providing care in the community in terms of monitoring, diagnosing and intervening has been reactive. Carers are restricted to gathering information in person, relying on patient visits and in person feedback from the patient. This not only increases the amount of additional visits that need to be made, but also makes proactive care difficult to achieve – creating friction further down the line of care.

Lack of Patient Information

Carers are heavily reliant on the information that patients provide them on their health and wellbeing as well as conducting their own monitoring checks on patients. This can often lead to delays in diagnosis due to the physical restraints of having to be there in person and because of the less reliable qualitative information provided by the patient.

Stretched Resources & High Costs

With bed space at a premium in hospitals and the high volumes of patients across the care continuum, ensuring that patients are identified earlier and more accurately reduces the stress at each level of care. With remote monitoring and patient insight in place, independent living and home care can become much more proactive and cost effective, reducing costs and strain throughout the care continuum.

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IoT Solutions for

Patient Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of patient wellbeing and keeping them safe.

Ambient Sensoring

Improving the comfort of patient living within care homes and hospitals.


  • Bring your data into one single point of reference
  • Drive insights from your data
  • Automate alerts and actions based on patient health signals
  • Co-ordinate a multi-agency response to improve outcomes

End to End IoT Deployment for
Smart Health

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