IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

Using data to go above and beyond your tenant’s expectations

Optimise Building Consumption, Enhance the Tenant Experience and Set the New Standard.

Managing buildings means monitoring lots of moving parts, often manually, making it hard to get the most out of your assets. Connexin works with developers and tenants to improve the productivity of buildings across compliance, utility consumption, security and services and make costly building management a thing of the past.

Some of the Key Challenges Faced Around Traditional Buildings

Compliance Management

Managing data on your building with regards to compliance regulation can be time consuming, expensive and hard to track. When you rely on manual checks, which aren’t always regular or consistent it can be hard to understand how your building complies over time and solving issues around compliance is a reactive task rather than a proactive one, costing more in the long-term.


How many times do tenants in your building leave the light on, or the air-conditioning/heating? Overconsumption is an issue that hovers over building managers all the time. It wastes money, is hard to track and hard to manage. Imagine if you could have all these issues resolved through your building management system?

Health, Wellbeing and Tenant Experience

 Tenant expectations are increasing all the time, especially with tech enabling them to improve efficiencies across lots of areas of day-to-day life. Why should buildings be any different? More tech-savvy, environmentally conscious tenants provides a challenge for building managers to improve systems and services and better monitor building conditions to support the health and wellbeing of tenants.

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IoT Solutions for
Smart Buildings

HVAC Controls and Automation

Easily manage, maintain and control HVAC system. Proactive monitoring of usage to better manage cost and prevent wastage.

Lighting Controls and Automation

Remotely switch on and switch lights based on movements or occupancy. Proactively monitor usage to save costs and wastage.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality sensors to proactively maintain a healthy environment and improve the wellbeing of tenants.

Security and Access Control

Smart cameras and door access to protect and maintain a secured working/living space for tenants.

End to End IoT Deployment for
Smart Buildings

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