Keep your team safe with high performance and accurate tracking and alerting solutions for your organisation.

Protect your people

As employers we have a responsibility to protect our workers’ welfare, even more so when they are operating in remote or high-stress environments.

SafeTrx Protect ensures you and your employees are always connected, wherever they are.

Featuring real-time health and location tracking, and single screen view of all assets, emergency alerts are triggered directly from the device.

Swift response times in the event of an emergency dramatically improve your ability to safeguard your most valuable resource.

Organisations who utilise SafeTrx Technology

The key challenges faced by organisations with lone workers

Reducing Cost

Managing a remote workforce of lone workers can be incredibly costly, whether it’s the number of solutions that are used to monitor activity, the manual tasks and personnel needed to ensure safety or even the cost associated with things going wrong.

Situational Awareness

Having full situational awareness of your workforce can be a tricky thing to acomplish, with lots of moving parts it’s important to put in place systems and processes to manage your workforce in an optimal manner and to also help your personnel feel safe and secure.

Early Intervention

With the risks involved with lone working, early intervention can be the deciding factor as to whether things take a turn for the worst. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, ensuring you have timely, accurate information helps facilitates early intervent to prevent escalation of critical events.

Advanced, High-Performance Adaptable Technology

When it comes to safety and wellbeing, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough – SafeTrx technology has been developed and tested to the highest standards: to meet and exceed your requirements.

Our innovative solutions are adaptable – a dedicated, expert team will work with you to configure a SafeTrx Protect solution to meet your needs.

All your people on one pane of glass

SafeTrx Command & Control empowering effective decision making.


Knowing where and how your people are keeps you in control, meaning you can react quickly and deploy effectively when needed. 


Receive notifications direct to your screen, including wearer identity,  location, health status, nature of the alert and wearer activity prior to the event. 

Two Way Comms

Send location-based messages to an individual or a group and receive acknowledgements from the wearer via the device.

About the mSafety wearable

SafeTrx IoT solutions utilise the Sony mSafety wearable to collect and transmit data, here’s a breakdown of its key features.

The Complete Solution

SafeTrx Protect is underpinned by the following systems.

SafeTrx pioneering tracking & alerting technology: to protect the people you care about.

Command & Control: a single view of all your people.

Master Configuration: flexibility is key, capture only the data points that matter to you.

Security: locked down device, end to end security, private and protected.

Smart Monitoring: algorithms for automated alerting and unstaffed monitoring.

Integrations: integrate your existing systems to the command & control to have everything under one roof.

Is SafeTrx Protect Right For You?

Why Choose SafeTrx Protect?

Protect your workers welfare wherever they are

Early intervention to critical events

Market-leading data security

Smartphone and secure wearable applications

Optimal workforce management

Simple billing options


Single view of all monitored assets

Tracking and alerting

Manual and automated alerts

Fall detection

Health and safety monitoring

2-way messaging

Use Cases

Employee working within the community e.g. community nursing and social welfare staff

Employees working outside normal working hours
e.g. night patrol security

Employees working away from base
e.g. construction workers, electricians and wind farm engineers

Employees working on the front-line
e.g. police, fire service, ambulance and paramedics

Service workers
e.g. postal staff and social workers

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