SafeTrx Remote Monitoring

Accurate, reliable and robust “tracking and alerting” technology that has been tried, tested and proven to perform, time and again.

Protecting lives where and when it’s needed most.

SafeTrx technology focuses on one clear objective: to deliver the most effective and protective tracking and alerting solutions in the world. Providing a suite of IoT solutions designed to provide reassuring protection and discreet monitoring, you can best protect your people or patients utilising early intervention and automation through your own bespoke platform.

Organisations who utilise SafeTrx Technology

Our Solutions

SafeTrx Protect

I want to protect my workforce remotely through a single pane of glass…

Reassuring protection for you and your team. Protect your workers welfare wherever they are with optimal workforce management and early intervention.

SafeTrx Care

I want to protect my patients and intervene at the right time…

Discreet remote monitoring to support carers and patients within independent and assisted living. Easy to use, non-intrusive protection to assist positive care intervention.

The Technology

Each SafeTrx solution is underpinned by the following systems.

SafeTrx pioneering tracking & alerting technology: to protect the people you care about.

Command & Control: a single view of all your people.

Master Configuration: flexibility is key, capture only the data points that matter to you.

Security: locked down device, end to end security, private and protected.

Smart Monitoring: algorithms for automated alerting and unstaffed monitoring.

Integrations: integrate your existing systems to the command & control to have everything under one roof.

About the mSafety wearable

SafeTrx IoT solutions utilise the Sony mSafety wearable to collect and transmit data, here’s a breakdown of its key features.

How SafeTrx Solutions Work

Using end-to-end encryption, SafeTrx solutions utilise cloud infrastructure to piece everything together from wearable devices collecting data, networks securely transmitting key information to the command & control centre which manages devices, data and alerts.

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