Smart Parking for Cities & Communities

Powerful data driven insights to better understand manage parking resources

Intelligent Parking Management

Parking plays a huge role in the visitor/citizen experience within a place. With Smart Parking solutions, local authorities can gather the insights needed to make informed decisions around issues such as congestion, enforcement, demand and carbon neutrality. By bringing parking data into a single point of reference, decision makers are empowered and multi-agency collaboration becomes simpler.

Why deploy Smart Parking for your cities & communities?

Understand usage in real-time

Allow city and parking authorities to better manage their resources and improve user satisfaction.

Increase citizen satisfaction

Provide accurate parking availability information for drivers which reduces the traffic congestion from users looking for spaces.

Gain greater insights to support decision making

Collating useful data and insights to support city planners to better manage traffic flowing congestion while maintaining adequate parking resources.

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Benefits of Smart Parking


With analytics, parking agencies learn how parking spaces are used, so they can optimise parking slots throughout the city.

Citizen Engagement

Real-time parking information in mobile apps help motorists find parking faster, lowering stress, fuel costs and in turn, reducing congestion and pollution.


Parking occupancy, revenue, and enforcement reports provide detailed information that helps city planners make better planning decisions.

Live Stream

With our camera-based solution, you can view a live stream of parking and no-parking zones. Automatically detects and reports parking violations in no-parking and loading zones.


Integrates with enforcement applications and pushes the violation notices through to the concerned authorities.

Artificial Intelligence

Provides parking predictions and fee recommendations and automatically adjusts parking fees, based on AI.

How it works?

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