3 things to consider for your business phone system in 2021 

How are you taking and making calls in 2021?  

If you’re getting a new phone system in your office there’s a few things you need to consider.  

You don’t just want to replace the old system you’ve got at the moment, with a newer, shinier system that does exactly the same thing, right?  

The truth is a traditional PBX or ISDN telephony solution isn’t really going to cut it for most businesses.  

That’s partly because these types of communication will simply be unusable in the not-too-distant future. More on that here.

But it’s also because the world of work is changing. In case you hadn’t noticed.   

You need a VoIP hosted phone system. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask yourself these questions first.  

How flexible do you need to be? Are there a number of different business systems that could be combined? And could you be paying less? 

The answers to these questions and being aware of the sorts of software that are available will help you to determine what’s best for you as a business.  


1. Are You Flexible? 

Picture yourself in a global pandemic.  

Ok you don’t need to do that. We know exactly what that’s like. And what we’ve learned is that sometimes business needs to be more flexible.  

We can’t always be tied to the office.  

But even when normality resumes, the reality is some things will have changed permanently. We’re not expecting that everybody will carry on working from home. That only works for some people.  

Even so, we’re thinking that a lot of businesses will be more open to the idea of allowing employees to work remotely.  

The good news is, with modern communication technology, we can.  


Not Tied To A Desk  

With traditional telephone systems you are tied into using whatever phone line is connected to your business premises. 

Through a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) you will be able to route calls to different parts of the building and different employees. But that’s as far as it goes. 

With VoIP you can use your phone system and communicate as if you were ‘in the office’, wherever you are. As long as you have a mobile phone to hand or internet browser open, you can make calls.  

Even in the business world, many people have been using mobile for many years. Why not use it for all calls, not just personal ones? 

Good VoIP systems will allow you to make calls through browser plug ins, mobile apps and even, if you like it old school, desk top hardware.  

The point is, whether you’re at home, working in a different part of the country or in the office as normal, you’ll be able to communicate with business colleagues, clients and customers with the push of a button.  


2. Are You Using Too Many Different Tools? 

In our digital age, businesses run on a variety of software and systems with multiple different purposes. 

Some of those things are separate for a reason. But sometimes it can feel like you are swimming through a sea of different programs for different tasks, that feel like they could be integrated.   

Telephone communication is just one area where different tasks could be achieved by combining them into one package.  

It’s now commonplace for many modern VoIP products to integrate a number of different areas of the business. Read these things below and ask, does your system allow you to do these things? 


Core Communication Channels Combined 

No longer is business communication limited to phone and email.  

The buzzword for today is unified comms. It’s become even more prevalent this year as teams have been forced to work remotely.  

If you want more information on that, we talked about it in this blog on keeping your business running remotely. Link 

Most cloud hosted phone products now include their own version of unified comms. This means that as well as being able to call people you can send instant messages to individuals and teams, using the same software.  

This saves time and increases productivity.  

As well as this, many products include video conferencing tools and integrate with your CRM as well. Again, having this functionality all within one system means there’s no jumping around for different purposes.  

You can share files and record and log client meetings all from one piece of software.  


3. Could You Be Paying Less? 

The truth is line rental isn’t cheap. Not for what you get.  

Add to that the ongoing costs of telephony hardware in your premises and you have quite a costly outgoing.  

The answer to the question above is, yes. You could be.  

So many of the services we take advantage of are offered through subscription packages. It doesn’t often make financial sense for a business to pay large up-front fees, when so many incoming costs are staggered.  

One benefit of different services being combined, is that you’re not paying money to lots of different providers. Your regular cost contains all of the things we mentioned above.  


The Subscription Economy 

So many cloud hosted phone systems are sold per user. This means you pay incrementally more depending on how many employees you have.  

The plan you choose is usually flexible so if you require more features, you can easily upgrade. Most importantly though, the cost for this is low compared to other options. 

Because it’s taking place over the internet, the call rates are significantly lower. This is even true for foreign calls.  

Many businesses are more international now. The cost of calling abroad would be prohibitive but with VoIP it makes no difference. It really is the world wide web.  


The Best Phone Systems Do It All  

At the end of the day the best phone systems are generally the ones that can do it all.  

Combining all of your communication channels into one system will streamline your business and has the potential to boost productivity as more is communicated in less time.  

Not every business will need all of the features offered by phone systems such as the one that Connexin provide. That’s why having different packages to choose from is so valuable.  

You can get the one that’s suited to you.  

If these considerations have made you think about installing a new system in your business, then we have something you might want to check out.  

Get in touch for more information.