From high speed broadband to secured access control, we’ve got you covered with our MDU solutions.


For today’s tenants, needs and expectations are more than just a comfortable, clean living environment. They want to be connected, quickly and easily to the things they love, feel safe where they live and work and have access to technology that helps them in the everydayThis is particularly important for serviced offices with only 40% of those surveyed in workthere’s “What coworkers want” report stating that their office space improves their productivity. 

Property owners and developers need to do more to stand out from the crowd by offering a true Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) solution to their current and future tenants. 


Our approach towards our Multi-Dwelling Unit solutions is outcome focused, technologies used are just the enablers. We make sure that we use the right tech to get the best outcome for you.

Some of the technologies used in our Multi-Dwelling Unit solutions:

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Multi-Dwelling Units

The growth in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) such as serviced offices and city apartments are exploding. New home-owners moving into the heart of the city for work purposes or first year students moving into their apartments for the first time, the growing demand for MDU living is welcoming to property owners but at the same time, many of which are not ready or have the technology infrastructure to support this growth.

With Connexin Multi-Dwelling Unit solutions, we can help you tackle these challenges head on.

From the front gate to the lobby, and from high speed broadband to free telephone calls over the cloud, our MDU solutions deliver more streamlined operations to the property managers, and provide tenants with enhanced security and convenience, and a more personalised experience.

Connexin MDU Solutions enable property owners like yourself to offer industry-leading smart building solutions to your existing and new tenants, such as access control, secured CCTV solutions, hosted telephony, high speed WiFi, smart lighting and many more. All in all, providing a modern, clean and secured living environment for tenants, visitors as well as building management staff.

Benefits for Property
Owners / Landlords

Tenants no longer see you as just the landlord, they want you to be their network service provider, security manager and lots more. That means meeting the demand for network services, ensuring tenants feel safe and monitoring building access amongst other things. 

By working with Connexin, we can help you put together a managed MDU solution designed around both you and your client’s needs, helping you take care of what matter most – your building(s) and tenants. 

Streamlined operations

We work you to understand what your logistical challenges are and build solutions around you. With the combinations of cloud based products such as Hosted Phone System and Managed WiFi, you can remotely manage your multi-dwelling units with ease and accuracy.


Building a solid technology foundation is key to future-proofing your multi-dwelling units. We design and implement high speed Internet backbone with secured and dependable internal networking infrastructure to help service the most demanding tenants of today.


Learn how your multi-dwelling units are doing, how much energy it is using, how much Internet bandwidth is utilised, how many times the main gate was opened, what does the footfall look like in any particular areas within your building. All these are very useful pieces of data to help drive decision making and quality assurance.


Full planning and doing the right things saves you money in the long run. Cutting costs at the beginning might actually end up costing you more afterwards. We also understand how business are ran and the importance of cash flow, we can help with by offering financing support through our partners to turn your dream project into an Opex Business Model, making it more affordable for you.

Benefits for

There are a lot of technical challenges to overcome to keep your tenants happy. But your tenants don’t want to hear about how hard it is to provide great WiFi in places with thousands of devices, large indoor/outdoor coverage areas, and multi-story buildings. All they want to know is that they can stay connected, wherever they are in the building.

Let us take care of this for you.

High speed broadband

Hyper fast download speeds to allow your tenants to do what they, when they want, securely.

Onboarding new devices

Quickly add new devices such as laptops, printers and games consoles onto the network.

Safety and security

Your tenants can work or sleep easy knowing that the building is secured 247.


With our smart solution, we can help you monitor lighting and air quality to improve the wellbeing of your tenants.

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