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Fast broadband and fantastic deals

Whether you’re working from home, gaming, or streaming, our Fibre broadband deals will meet your needs at prices our competitors can’t keep up with. Say goodbye to bufferingwith our ultra-fast speeds of up to 10Gbps and hello to a five-star customer experience – with loads of perks.

Best-in-class Wi-Fi technology

How do we deliver such fast broadband? We design, build, and operate our own network using top-of-the-range technology. That's why you get thelatest world-class Wi-Fi 6 router as standard– we only settle for the best. Plus, all Connexin Fibre customers get free access to our amazing SmartHome App! Win-win!

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Internet in every corner of your home

We know how frustrating it is when your Wi-Fi coverage doesn’t extend to your bedroom or the kitchen – or it does but it’s patchy. Our industry-leading Fibre broadband aims to cover every corner of your home and keep internet speeds consistent throughout, no matter how many devices.

Better Wi-Fi, Better Online Experience

ProtectIQProtect every device on your network from viruses and malware with free protection as standard.
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SmartHome AppManage everything from home security to entertainment at the touch of a button, wherever you are.
ExperienceIQControl the content your children access, with free updates and notifications. Prioritise rooms, users and devices. No more drops in teams calls because the kids are eating all the bandwidth!
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We’re not just about the tech – we’re passionate about giving something back, too. Sign up with us and we’ll donate up to £20 to local and UK charities.

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