Creating Safe & Secure Work Environments

Helping businesses as they return to work with building-wide IoT solutions

Supporting your return to work

Navigating the return to the office or the workplace can be quite a daunting task, making sure people stay safe, putting procedures in place and making sure that they are followed. By utilising managed building solutions you can keep everything in check, allowing your team to stay safe and at ease while at work.

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How we are supporting safer return to work

Our smart solutions supporting businesses and a safer return to
our workplaces.

Occupancy & Desk Sensors

Better understand building occupancy via radar sensoring to keep capacity at managable level and social distancing in place. Monitor the use of rooms and open areas as well as desk spaces to create a safe working environment for all.

Ambient Sensors

Monitor the use of devices & services in your building to understand what’s being used, areas that need to be cleaned and resources that need to managed and monitored if not in use.

Air Quality Monitoring

Poor air quality has been proven to increase the spread of COVID, especially indoors. Remotely track air quality across your building to ensure your working environment is as safe as possible.

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