We ride together. We grow together.
Partners for life.

We are all different colours, ShAPeS and siZeS,

so are our business requirements and preferences!

Partnering with us, means we will do more than just sign the paperwork and leave you to it. Delivering a ‘heartfelt service’ is one of our core business values. Our team aren’t driven to ‘sell you a solution’ they prefer to work in partnership with you, growing and evolving the solution with you, as you grow and evolve.


We will have an initial informal meeting, over coffee or hot chocolate, so that we can better understand your business, brainstorm ideas together on your pain points and how we can resolve these daily logistical challenges. If further meetings are required, we will happily pay for another coffee or hot chocolate.

Solution design & proposal

Once we have identified the solution for your needs, we will initiate design and demo if required, and put together a proposal outline exact upfront and monthly ongoing costs. Once you are happy, we will sign the contract and get you another coffee or hot chocolate on us.

Provisioning & delivery

Our highly experienced in-house Delivery team will start prepping all the lego pieces and start building. We have a rigorous process to ensure that the order is delivered on time and in high standard.


Once the solution has been delivered, tested and working to your satisfaction and our minimum standards, the Delivery team will then sign off the order and issue a completion certificate.

Account management

You will be provided with a dedicated account manager, usually the person that you first met, whose responsibility is to ensure that are you looked after post delivery. He/she is your go-to person if you have any questions relating your account.

Customer care

The whole Connexin team are fully behind you to support your everday needs, service or product enquires, billing, accounts and support. We are here for you.

How can we help?

Speak to one of our specialists on 01482 363738.