We are on a mission to

“Enrich people’s lives through sustainable innovation and the unique power of the Internet”


Being Connexin means we don’t just want to be proud of what we do, we also want to love how we do it! That’s why we have developed the Connexin Culture Code to help guide us. We’re all different so the culture code inspires each of us in unique ways. At Connexin we think about what they mean to us personally then carry the culture code in our hearts and minds and bring them alive to make amazing things happen in everything that we do.

The Connexin
Culture Code

We are insanely committed to our mission and metrics

We’re on a mission to “Enrich people’s lives through sustainable innovation and the unique power of the internet.” We believe that success is making those who believed in you look brilliant. Our commitment to our mission will help us earn the love of many. Our commitment to our metrics will help us earn the resources to further our mission. We are passionate about both.

We look to the long-term and Solve for the Customer

We don’t want to just satisfy our customers, we want to delight them. Our goal is to help them succeed. How do we do that? We sell to customers that we know we can delight, and we understand our products and share that knowledge. And the most important of all, communication. For every decision we make, we ask ourselves: “What’s in it for the customer?”

We share openly and are transparent

We share (almost) everything. Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it. We only protect information when it’s legally required or when it is not completely ours to share. Everyone has open access to anyone in the company, it’s not an open-door policy – its a no door policy.

We favour autonomy and take ownership

Use Good Judgement. Customer > Team > Individual – don’t pursue your personal interests to the detriment of the team. We loathe selfishness and love ‘teamishness’. It should be #WeBeforeMe. When in doubt, favour solving for the customers’ interest over your own – it’s in our long term interest. Results – they matter more than the numbers of hours we work or where we produce them. Debates should be won with better data not bigger job titles. We love data.

We believe our best perk is amazing people

We value people with ‘H.E.A.R.T’.

Humble – “Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” When things go well, humble people share the credit. When things go poorly, they tend to shoulder the responsibility.

Empathetic – Going beyond understanding another person’s perspective. It’s acting with compassion and respect for customers, partners, and colleagues.

Adaptable – Innately curious and constantly changing, a life-long learner.

Remarkable – Effective people are predisposed to action. They just do things. They have a sense of ownership.

Transparent – Be open and honest with others and yourself, share knowledge generously.

We dare to be different and question the status quo

We don’t mind making mistakes, we do mind repeating them. Each mistake carries a lesson, we try to make sure we learn it. We encourage experimentation. Better to try and sometimes fail, than to sit tight and fail for sure. We want to be high above the rest.

We understand that life is short and should be fun

We encourage candour and criticism. It helps us grow. But remember – LIFE IS SHORT. Always be kind and compassionate. Life is full of tough choices, always take the high road. At Connexin, we get stuff done – but we will always encourage fun along the way.