We are on a mission to

“Connect the real world with the digital world to improve the way we live”


Being Connexin means we don’t just want to be proud of what we do, we also want to love how we do it! That’s why we have developed the Connexin Culture Code to help guide us. Culture is a set of shared beliefs, values and practices. Our Culture Code is the operating system that powers our company, the rules of engagement for our company that we all live & breathe everyday. It’s our DNA.


Culture happens, whether planned or not, all companies have a culture. So why not create a culture we love together?

The Connexin
Culture Code

We believe we make a difference to people’s lives.

We care about each other & our customers.

1. We work as a team and support each other.
2. We always look to solve for the customers.
3. We celebrate each others success.
4. We have fun together.

We challenge the Industry.

1. We don’t want to satisfy them, we want to delight them.
2. Our goal is to help them succeed by bringing innovative solutions.

For every decisions, we should ask ourselves, “what’s in it for the customer?”

We deliver on our promises and have fun doing it.

1. We always aim to delight our customers.
2. We understand our products and share that knowledge.
3. We communicate : )