What is Voice phISHING ?

Vishing (or Voice phISHING) takes place when you receive a call on your home phone or mobile device from someone pretending to be from a trusted source, like your bank or credit card company.


When thieves go vishing, they most often call people using an automated system. If a call is not answered, a message is left, saying there is a problem with your bank account or debit or credit card. The call will direct you to a phone number or a website that will ask for personal account information to verify your identity.


If you return the call, a recording asks you to verify by entering your account or debit or credit card information. Stating or entering a bank account or debit or credit card number on your keypad gives the scammer the information necessary to access your account and possibly illegally withdraw funds or conduct a fraudulent transaction. The call may harvest additional details, such as a card’s expiration date and three-digit security code and the account holder’s date of birth. If the transaction is done with a mobile device, it is also possible for thieves to gain access to all the information stored on the phone.


A fraudulent phone call may offer different reasons why your information is needed: to confirm your account or authorize a purchase, update information, express concerns about activity on your account, or unfreeze or unlock an account or a debit or credit card.


How to avoid becoming a victim of voice phishing

  1. Never give out any of your password, bank details, email address.
  2. Never give your full Online Banking PIN or full Online Banking password to anyone, even a caller claiming to be from your bank or the police
  3. Never give out your card reader codes to anyone
  4. If you get a call asking you for any important information, end the call immediately
  5. If you receive a suspicious or unexpected call, always verify the caller using an independently checked phone number such as a contact number from the business they’re claiming to be.
  6. If you receive a request to download software to connect to your computer, and you have not initiated the conversation with the company, decline to do so