What to do if you think your email account has been accessed by someone else

If you think that your email account has been accessed by someone else, and spam sent to your contacts, here’s what you can do.


  1. Run a full virus scan on the computer you usually use to access your email account. You can do this using a virus software application.
  2. Log in to email, and update your password and security question. When changing your password, we recommend choosing a ‘strong’ password to improve the security of your account. For more information on choosing a ‘strong’ password, see How to choose a strong ad secure password

Note: After changing your password please remember to update the password on any other devices needed.

Check other websites

It is a good idea to check other websites that you use that require signing in, especially if you are using the same password and/or email address. For extra piece of mind, you can change the password for these sites too. It is advisable not to reuse the same passwords across different sites.

Avoid phishing traps

Be cautious of being caught out by people trying to trick you into giving out personal or account information online. For more information on phishing please see What is Phishing?

Send a warning email to your address book

If you feel your account has been accessed by a third party you could send a warning email out to your address book. This way, your friends and family will be made aware that anything unusual or potentially harmful to their own accounts can be avoided or delete