How to stay safe on your mobile

Mobile cyber crime comes in many forms – from your device being stolen to messages asking or encouraging you to visit a website which asks for your personal details.


You can even be tricked by scammers into downloading apps that contain malicious software. But, just as most people follow simple steps to secure their home computers, the same applies to securing mobile devices.


1.Always lock your device, don’t leave it lying around open. That way a password will need to be entered to activate the device.


2. Try not to use unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public areas to access your email, purchase things or do your banking online. If a network is easy to access by you, then it will be easy to access by potential hackers. Read our online shopping blog how to stay safe while purchasing goods online.


3. Keep the software on your phone up to date. Most manufacturers offer updates regularly which often include security updates.


4. Take care when downloading apps – if something looks too good to be true, it probably is! Likewise, don’t click on links unless from a trusted source, and be particularly careful if you unexpectedly receive a link to a banking website.


5. Always use a strong password that includes lowercase, uppercase letter and numbers. Head over to our blog on how to create asecure password.