The Risk With Using Smart TVs

Smart Tv’s are becoming more common in homes, they are also known as connected TVs.
Most smart TVs also have the ability to monitor and analyse your usage, history and data, this is all used to make recommendations for programmes and content you may like.


Always be aware that like many other internet-connected devices, your smart TV could possibly be used to gather information about you, either legally or illegally.
Connexin have put a list together of the risks you must be aware of and how to protect your privacy –


The Risks

  • Connection to your Wi-Fi means that your smart TV could be accessed without your authorisation, leading to:
  • Your viewing, browsing and other usage history being seen and used against you for illegal purposes.
  • Your viewing, browsing and other usage history being seen and used to target you with advertising messages.
  • Being targeted with instant advertising messages based precisely on what you are doing whilst in front of the smart TV.
  • Your smart TV’s webcam and microphone (if fitted) being hijacked to view/eavesdrop on your and your family, or to find out what possessions you have.
  • Access to information, photos and other data on storage devices (such as USB sticks) connected to your smart TV.

Protecting Your Privacy

  • Quite simply, if you do not wish to risk your usage habits being monitored, disconnect your smart TV from the internet. This will mean, however, that you will not be able to use its online features.
  • If you are concerned only about your webcam and/or microphone being hijacked, simply cover them with opaque tape or a sticky note. The function which enables you to control your TV from your movements will also be disabled.