Fibre over

Say Hello to Connexin SuperFast. Wireless Broadband! We use the latest in Wireless broadband technology to deliver
the internet at blistering speeds. Unlike standard ADSL broadband where signals are sent through old crumbly copper
wires our state of the art equipment sends and receives data at super fast fibre optic speeds wirelessly.

Note: Picture is for illustrative purposes only. Our equipment does not actually emit bubbles, TVs or game controllers in any shapes or form :)

Wireless Broadband

  1. Upto 60Mbps Speed
  2. 500Gb Data Allowance
  3. 1 FREE Static IP
  4. Customisable
  5. Dedicated Support
  6. No Physical Landline

Our awesome Wireless Broadband has everything that your business will need. Speed, stability and quick installation time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional ADSL or Fibre broadband. Contact us today to see how Connexin Wireless Broadband can help your business grow.


Wireless Leased Line

  1. 99.95% Uptime
  2. Fast Deployment
  3. Dedicated Connectivity
  4. Re-Location Flexibility
  5. Speeds of up to 2.5Gbps
  6. Secure Connections

Our Wireless Leased Lines provide cost effective dedicated connectivity at symmetrical speeds of unto 2.5 Gbps wirelessly. Contact us today to see our  Wireless Leased lines can help your business grow.


Wireless PtP

  1. Low Cost PtP or PtMP Solution
  2. Licensed or Unlicensed Frequencies Available
  3. Secure Connections
  4. Fast Deployment
  5. Re-Location Flexibility

Our Wireless Point to Point or Point to Multi Point connections offer an alternative to renting expensive leased lines or digging and laying fibre between sites. Get in touch and see how we can help connect your sites.


Wireless Backup / Temporary Connectivity

  1. Low Cost Backup Connectivity
  2. Setup Within Hours
  3. Site Re-Location Flexibility
  4. Fast Deployment
Our advanced wireless technology, means we are able to offer affordable backup connectivity that is independent of local exchanges to ensure your business carries on as normal even when ‘cough’ hits the fan. Need temporary connectivity for an event or in an emergency? Our backup and temporary solutions can be deployed in hours! Get in touch and see how we can help get you connected.