Bespoke Solution

We are all different colours, ShAPeS and siZes so our requirements and preferences will all be different. At Connexin, we have a CAN-DO attitude and we are always up for a challenge. Give us a try!

What We Do

Several steps are involved in providing you with the perfect solution:

Initial Meeting

We normally have an initial informal meeting, ideally in person or over the phone so that we can better understand your business, understand how you work and understand your needs. We then go away and put a proposal together.


The proposal outlines the solution(s), the setup costs, any monthly running costs and how the new system will be structured and delivered. This is an ideal stage to ask questions and make amendments to ensure you get exactly what you want. Once you are happy with everything, we formalise the process by signing a contract. This takes us on to the provision and delivery part.

Provisioning & Delivery

Our provisioning and delivery team will start putting all the pieces of jigsaw together. During this stage we are in regular contact to keep you updated with progress and key delivery dates.


Once the project is completed and delivered to your satisfaction and our standards, the provisioning team will provide a completion certificate for you to sign. Once signed, the team hand you back over to your account manager who will provide any further information on after-sale support and management.

Account Management

We understand that once everything is in place, you will undoubtedly have some questions. At Connexin you have access to our dedicated business account managers who are there to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.

Speak to one of our solution specialists and see how we can help