Awesome Products

Staying true to our mission statement, “Be Awesome. Care. Inspire.”, we have on offer multiple business products that are suitable for any organisation – small, medium or large. From cost saving line rental using SIP Trunking to cloud based Hosted Phone System, all are designed to help you save money but at the same time, staying competitive and flexible.



Connexin has been providing voice services for thousands of businesses since 2007. From Hosted to On-site, we have the right solution for your needs. Having direct access to our own network means we can also react faster to your needs, whether that is sales or support. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

Hosted Phone System

Our Hosted Phone System is a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

On-Site Phone System

At Connexin, we understand that every business is different hence the reason for introducing on-site solutions to accommodate your needs. Our solutions integrate with stable multi-function software and reliable hardware that guarantee quality of service. Our servers are compatible with all major SIP providers so if you do decide to leave us in the future, you can still utilise the box for your own use.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is the fastest-growing telephony service and Connexin provides one of the UK’s leading SIP trunk solutions. It connects your site directly into the Connexin network via an IP connection to carry and terminate your inbound and outbound voice calls across the public telephone network.

Call Centre

Do you know how many calls you are getting? Do you know how they are being handled or who is handling them? The management tool is an add-on that you can utilise with our Hosted Phone System. The data is fed to the management tool to provide additional statistics which allow you better manger your call centre or business.


We run and manage one of the largest wireless networks in the country, offering wireless broadband services with speed of upto 60mbps download and upload. For customers who are outside of our wireless coverage, they can still enjoy the traditional services such as ADSL, ADSL2+, fibre and EFM services.


Say Hello to Connexin SuperFast. Broadband! We use the latest in Fibre-over-Wireless broadband technology to deliver the internet at SuperFast speeds. Unlike the standard ADSL or ADSL Max broadband packages where signals are sent through traditional copper wires, we use our state of the art wireless network to deliver fibre optic speeds.

Fixed (ADSL/Fibre)

Connexin is a hybrid network provider. We have partnerships with all major carriers here in the UK to allow us to provide a range of traditional connectivity solutions, such as fibre or ADSL services if you are outside of our Wireless network coverage.


If you are looking for instant connectivity if ADSL, fibre or fibre over wireless services are not available, our SIMConnect offerings could be the answer. Using our awesome 3G/4G routers, together with our clever routing technologies, we can get your connected in seconds.


IP Services

We are not just your regular telecoms provider, we are a solution provider. As well as telecommunication and connectivity services as described above, we can offer other IP services such as IP Surveillance and IP Door Entry System. Check it out.

IP Surveillance

With Connexin, you can now manage your warehouse, offices and remote locations with our IP cameras system at the comfort of your living room. With couple of simple clicks, you can keep an eye on what’s happening in the office while you are away.

IP Door Access Control

Integrate your door entry system with your Hosted Phone System or On-Site Phone System. Easily allow access remotely via your desk phone without having to get up and unlock the door. Intuitive design and professional look making our IP Door Access Control a great addition to your 21st century office.

Bespoke Solution

If you like the look of all the products that we have on offer but are still a bit unsure of exactly what you need, please come and speak to us as we can combine all to create you a bespoke solution. Check it out.

Business Continuity

Fail to plan, plan to fail. A very true saying in the business world. With Connexin, we have a range of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business working through any unforeseen circumstances.

Wireless Back Up

Due to the flexibility in our wireless technology, we are able to offer businesses backup connectivity to ensure normal operation continues even when ‘poo’ hits the fan. The backup connection will automatically kicks in when the primary connection goes down. Service provisioning is quick, we can have everything up and running within couple of hours.

Hosted Phone System

Since your phone system is hosted in the cloud, there is no physical PBX required to be on site. You can manage extension, how calls are routed etc all via an intuitive online control panel. If there is a local gas leak or sudden power outage and you have send your staff home, you can reroute all office calls to mobiles or backup handsets at a touch of a button.

SIP Trunking

After an office disaster such as a fire or flood, 80% of businesses never reopen and majority closes within 18 months. Scary statistics. Should disaster happen, you can use SIP trunking to minimise disruption to your business. E.g. if your London branch has to close in an emergency, and you need the calls routed to Manchester immediately, you can redirect your Connexin SIP Trunks straight away.