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SIP Trunks

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|Setup: £99.99 per trunk|+|Monthly: £6.50 per trunk pcm|
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Note: You will need at least one SIP Trunk number for your PBX. Additional SIP Trunks can be ordered to use on the PBX. One SIP Trunk comes with one channel to allow one outgoing/incoming call. Additional channels can be purchased per trunk to allow for multiple calls. If your SIP Trunk has 3 channels, that means you can make/receive 3 calls at any one time.

Specify Number of Channel(s) Required -

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Note: You can have as many channels as you need on a single SIP Trunk. The more channels you have on a SIP Trunk, the more calls you can make/receieve at any one time.

Select Your Handset(s) -

|Subject to Delivery Charges|

Yealink T19PN

+ £59.99

Yealink T23GN

+ £89.99

Yealink T41PN

+ £109.99

Yealink T32GN

+ £139.99

Yealink T46GN

+ £179.99

Yealink T48GN

+ £249.99

Yealink 6W PSU

(For T19, T23, T41, T42) + £4.00

Yealink 10W PSU

(For T32, T46, T48) + £6.00

Gigaset N510IP Pro

+ £49.99

Gigaset A510H

+ £24.99

Gigaset C430H

+ £34.99

Gigaset S510H

+ £69.99

Gigaset R630H Pro

+ £79.99

Gigaset SL400H

+ £89.99

Note: You will require one phone per user. All phones are PoE enabled. If you do not have a PoE switch, a separate PSU is required per phone. For the Gigaset DECT handset, you would need at east 1 N510 Pro base station for a handset to work. You can attach up to 6 handsets to 1 base unit.